April 13

Foundations and Cracks


What’s one of the most important components of any structure? The foundation is at the top of the list of importance. It’s essential and its main purpose is to evenly distribute the load of everything (including people) above it. So, when you see cracks occurring, it’s a red flag that your foundation needs help.

However, all cracks are not created equal, and some are far more important than others. And, in the case of cracks, early detection and repair of the issue can make a big difference in the overall costs.

Here’s a quick overview of the types of cracks we commonly find in homes:

  • Hairline cracks are around 1/8 inches wide. If no water is getting through and they don’t get larger, they aren’t initially serious. But do keep an eye on them for any changes.
  • Stair-step cracks usually occur in the space between concrete blocks or bricks. They indicate foundation settling.
  • Horizontal cracks in the foundation can be serious. They can result from soil erosion and water invasion and over time can bow and cause the home to no longer be level or stable.
  • Vertical cracks are caused by the foundation settling or the concrete drying process.

Those are the types of cracks. Now it’s important to know where to look for these cracks. Look for cracks in or around:

  • Window frames. An early indication of issues here is a window that doesn’t open and close easily and often “sticks.” The cracks will occur around the frame.
  • Door frames. Doors that don’t swing open and closed easily anymore is an indication. The cracks will appear around the frame.
  • Sloping floors. Here the “cracks” become “gaps” between the floor and the walls, and you’ll notice that the floor isn’t perfectly level anymore.
  • Ceiling cracks. These are usually long cracks that crawl across the ceiling.
  • Foundation cracks. Any cracks in the foundation are worth keeping an eye on to make sure they don’t increase in size and that water isn’t seeping into it.

The takeaway here is that cracks are an indication of something going on with your foundation. Protect the value of your home by having any cracks inspected by a certified foundation specialist. We’ve seen every type of crack and know not only the best way to repair them, but also the most cost-effective way. Don’t delay!


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