October 23

DYI Bungalow Foundation Work – Beware!


We live in a “Do It Yourself” (DYI) world today. And that can be really beneficial for many small fix-it jobs or general home sprucing up projects. The downside of all of this great information on TV, YouTube and the Internet is that the projects they often showcase are really not well suited for most DIYers. Yes, they all promise financial savings and that’s true for easy, everyday fix-it jobs. It is not a solution for big jobs such as foundation work. And look at it this way – your bungalow is not only historic, but uniquely yours and you want to maintain its pristine appearance. Don’t blow it by attempting a DIY project that’s beyond your capability!

Safe secure home foundations are critically important for the overall health of your home. They’re not something to be “toyed” with using your own set of tools and some supplies from the local hardware store. There are professional foundation technicians for a very good reason – foundations are complex! A good example of why you shouldn’t attempt your own foundation repairs deals with cracks. Sure, you can purchase some crack epoxy or other filler, but that won’t solve the problem. Cracks in the foundation mean shifting has occurred. And shifting requires a specialist to diagnose and solve the root cause of the problem by lifting, leveling and stabilizing the foundation. Filling in the cracks yourself doesn’t solve the problem, it just prolongs the inevitable.

Common Foundation Problems

The most common signs of foundation problems signs you should look out for are:

  • Uneven sloping floors
  • Windows and doors that stick and don’t open/close easily
  • Cracks in the outer walls
  • Cracks in the interior walls or ceiling

Any of these signs are indicative of a foundation problem. And yes, you will same money if you try to fix them yourself. However, it’s likely that your DIY fixes won’t solve the problem and may even end up costing you more in the long run when you have no option but to contact a foundation repair specialist to fix what you’ve supposedly already fixed!

Our foundation technicians have literally seen it all and have the knowledge and tools to fix your foundation issue quickly and efficiently. First, they’ll come out and do a thorough inspection; write up a detailed estimate of both the time and expenses involved; and finally guarantee the work is done the right way! Don’t waste your time and money trying to be the neighborhood’s best handyman – at least not when it has to do with your bungalow’s foundation!


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