June 28

Causes of Uneven Foundations in Florida

Florida has its own set of unique foundation issues. From tropical rains, to hurricane flooding, to humidity, and to the devasting effects of sinkholes – we’ve seen it all here in Florida!  And since hurricane season has just begun and we already have had two named tropical systems, now is the time to check out the stability of your home’s foundation.

Is it uneven?

If yes, that could be the result of sinking ground due to standing water. Or it could be because of something more serious.

How can I tell if my foundation is uneven?

Here’s a quick guide to help.

Take a few minutes to walk around your home or building and think about the following four common warning signs of a sinking foundation:

  • Sloping floors
  • Gaps appearing between the floor and the walls
  • Cracks showing up in the foundation walls
  • Doors not closing properly
  • Exterior wall separations occurring

After you’ve walked around to inspect your home, write down anything you’ve noticed as being unusual or what you feel may be a potential problem. Especially, if you’ve seen cracks or any wall separations.

The next step is to call a professional foundation specialist for a thorough inspection. Spending a few dollars now for an inspection is money well spent as foundation issues will only get worse. And in Florida, those cracks could be an indication of a sinkhole forming.

In fact, a sinkhole just opened up in Lakeland! See the article online at https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-polk/large-sinkhole-opens-up-on-southside-of-lakeland-near-scott-lake. Granted, your foundation issue is most likely not due to a forming sinkhole, but it is being caused by “something.”

So, if you’re still not sure if you have a foundation issue, it’s past the time for you to contact a foundation specialist. Be sure to only contact a specialist in foundation issues as they are qualified in knowing the causes and solutions to all types of foundation problems. General contractors or handymen will not have that specific experience and knowledge. And, it will cost you less money to have the repairs done right the first time!


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